The traditional Audi estates and saloons have always done very well in the UK, so many people thought it was a natural step for Audi to start making the Q7 SUV.

Its entry into this segment of luxury family cars had to be good given the many other competing makes and models available. It is a result of top-of-the-class engineering that enabled it to find a place near the top of the pack in the already saturated family car market.

The Audi Company offers customers a wide variety of specifications and colors to choose from, in addition to allowing customers to devise their own paint schemes which the company happily mixes for them using metallic or pearl effects (at a high expense of course!).

The Q7 Interior

The best words to describe it are sporty and functionally elegant. The way it was built and the materials that were used show that this is true. Consideration has been given to passenger space, with unique comfort offered by its Verano leather seats (the manufacturer even lets the customer decide on the stitching patterns!).

The dashboard is softly covered making the cockpit spectacularly scenic and having a lovely feel. It features a CD system with MP3 integration and Bluetooth extras. With its latest generation system of navigation system that includes voice and four climatic air conditioning control and electronic tailgate operation are yet another reason this is a top of the range 7 seaters.

The Audi Q7 is offered in 5, 6, and 7 seat variants. If you opt for the seven-seat model, then it has to be said that the rearmost twin seats are somewhat cramped, and it has been said that they are really only suitable for children, or adults on short journeys.

When utilizing the sixth and seventh seats you can slide the 2nd seating row forwards thus enabling you to share the legroom between the two rows. Not an ideal solution, but at least the occupants of the rearmost seats aren’t completely neglected!

Additionally, if the rear seats are in use then the boot only offers 330 liters of luggage space, whereas this is a large 775 liters if it is driven in the five-seat configuration.

Audi Q7 Interior


The plush and stylish interior of the Audi Q7

Various Engine Options

The most common engines are the 3.0 liter V6 diesel turbo and the 3.6 liter V6 petrol. Another top-of-the-line option is the mind-boggling 493 bhp 6-liter V12 turbodiesel engine.

All of the 7 seater’s engines come with an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission system which is pocket friendly in terms of fuel and environmentally friendly because of the reduced carbon dioxide emissions. It also ensures quick and optimized gear change which is beneficial during down-shifting.

Clever All-Wheel Drive Handling

It features an all-time all-wheel drive (4×4) for better acceleration, handling, and safety because this distributes the flow of power between the front and rear axles evenly.

The Q7 can sense changing road surfaces beneath the wheels and adjusts the grip to correspond to this. The electronically controlled air suspension that regulates the height of the vehicle during terrain change makes for the smoothest ride ever.

Latest Generation Extras

The cars have built-in satellite navigation systems, Bluetooth connections for mobile phones, and high-tech systems that help the driver park.

This parking assistance feature calculates the distance of the vehicle from surrounding obstacles using guiding lines and a reversing camera. The cockpit has a TFT color display (depending on model), 2 SD card readers, and a 40 GB hard drive!

The vehicle’s aerodynamics complement its adaptive air suspension, making it more aerodynamic at high speeds.

The automatic start and stop means that the car switches off when it comes to a standstill and soon after the driver lifts their foot off the brake pedal, the engine starts again. This means reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

The very stylish Audi Q7 All Wheel Drive with five, six and seven seat options

Luxury Pricing for a Luxury Family Car

After reading about everything that is generously included with the Audi Q7 package, it isn’t surprising that this car doesn’t come cheap at around £43,000 to £60,000, depending on the model.

It is in the tax bands J-L and the 7-seat 3L TDI model offers an average of 39.2mpg – pretty good for an engine and car of this size.

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