The seven-seat Ford Grand C-Max has a new design that has been completely restyled and improved. It is the perfect mix of innovation, style, and flexibility.

Advanced technology, agile performance, and enhanced reliability contribute to enhancing the pleasure of family car driving.

With updated levels of comfort and convenience, the amazing versatility of the Grand C-Max will prove extremely useful to family car owners looking for a convenient 7-seater.

Ford Grand C-MAX


The 7 seat Ford Grand C-MAX is a versatile and good-looking family car.

Ford Safety Systems

The Grand C-Max has the most up-to-date technology to protect the driver and passengers. The Intelligent Protection System (IPS) is one of the most important parts of the car’s passive safety package.

It includes the following advanced systems, ready to go into action in a fraction of a second: airbags for driver and passenger, side-curtain airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, ISOFIX locking points for child seats in the second row, and an intrusion prevention system (PIPS).

The safety system also has features such as folding pedals, whereby the pedals securely fold away from the driver to prevent injury in the event of an impact.

The Grand C-Max also incorporates a system of sensors for detecting the severity of an impact. These provide information about vehicle safety measures that can be automatically deployed by the car to maximize protection for the occupants.

Engines & Features of the Ford Grand C-Max

The Ford Grand C-MAX has many excellent features that include the following:

  • Active Parking Assistance System in car parks: Helps you to park in spaces that are only slightly longer than the length of your vehicle. After confirmation that the space is large enough, the system guides the steering wheel while you only control the pedals. Audio and Visual indicators help you to make the necessary maneuvers.
  • Efficient Performing EcoBoost Petrol Engine: A turbocharged, 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine delivers a high fuel economy, with CO2 emissions reduced by 18% compared with the 2.0-liter Duratec. This is a highly beneficial technology that has many benefits, ensuring a high-performance engine along with lower fuel consumption that is typical of much smaller engines. The 1.6 Diesel achieves an average MPG of 57.7, perfect for a family car.
  •  Maximum flexibility: The ingenious seven-seat interior of the Grand C-Max ensures flexibility in accessing the third row of seats with the help of passing space. This is achieved by the folding of the middle seat in the second row and is extremely useful when you have to get to the kids in the back.
  • Electric Child Locks: The sliding doors of the Grand C-Max can be child-locked electronically using a switch near the driver.  This means you can easily turn it on or off will depending on the age of your passengers traveling with you.

The interior of the Ford Grand C-Max is perfectly adequate, but nothing spectacular for the money.

As with all Fords, the Zetec has quite a few added features, and in the case of the Grand C-Max, this includes air conditioning, Bluetooth, alloy wheels, traction control, and parking sensors at the rear.

The 1.6 diesel is probably the most suited model for regular family use, however, even the cheapest model still has a starting price of over £20,000 which is on the expensive side.

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