The Hyundai Motor Company has been in the SUV production business since around the 1990s. The Hyundai Sante Fe is one of the most successful large family cars that the company has released to date.

The car was first manufactured in the year 2000. This was followed by successive productions of the 7 seater with notable advancements and improvements with each variation.

There are two major generations of the Sante Fe; the first generation which hit the markets in the years between 2000 and 2006 and the second generation which hit the roads in 2007.

Hyundai Sante Fe 2013


The Hyundai Sante Fe isn’t cheap, but gives you a highly practical seven seat, 4×4 car fully capable of meeting your family’s needs.

Hyundai Engine and Fuel Efficiency

In the United States, the first generation Hyundai Fe had a 3.5L V6 engine (150 KW) and a 2.0L VM Motori CRD/I4 diesel engine. The production previously had a 4-speed automatic transmission, which was further improved to a 5-speed automatic transmission in the revised version.

The first generation car was 177.2 inches long with a wheelbase of 103.1 inches. The car’s fuel tank capacity was 17 to 19 gallons or 70 liters. Following various comments from critics the second-generation Sante Fe built upon the strengths and improved upon the first-generation model.

These changes led to the second generation Hyundai Fe, which was made in 2010 and had some impressive changes to its dashboard, rear bumper, and taillights.

The car has a top speed of 150 km per hour and a new ultimate 6-speed automatic transmission. In the United States, the car has an engine of 3.6L, however, in the UK, there is just a more frugal 2.2L diesel on offer. Consequently, the UK variant offers excellent fuel economy at an impressive 47mpg.

Features & Gadgets

The interior of the car looks great and is full of the most recent and advanced technology.

The car has Bluetooth connectivity with a hands-free speakerphone. The other great features of this family car include a metallic steering inlay and steering wheel audio controls that enhance the comfort and usability of the car. The seats are also well equipped with modern and luxurious seat covers.

You won’t feel cramped as the seats are particularly spacious, and a sixth and seventh seat is included for extra versatility as a 4×4 family car. There is also a rear reversing camera as well as a brand-new touchscreen navigation system to improve your safety when on the road.

The light and airy interior of the Sante Fe with comfy leather seats.

Pros and Cons of the Sante Fe

The rear reversing camera is a handy little gadget, as parking, a large 4×4 is never an easy task. Other technological features such as the Bluetooth connectivity with hands-free speakerphones and the integrated sat nav system are also handy additions.

As a family car, the seven seats offer you excellent versatility when you need to transport the whole family or friends, with a strong and fuel-efficient engine that will go easy on your wallet. Another benefit is that it has four-wheel drive capability so will enable you to cope with adverse weather or road conditions with ease.

This car is available for around £25,000 in the UK, which is quite expensive for a car in this class, however, you do get a great deal of car for your money, and it has low ongoing running costs.

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