Never let it be said that the Land Rover 7 seater Defender is not designed for everyone. With some of the most recent upgrades, this car is probably one of the best station wagons on the market.

Nothing beats the feeling of driving one of the most tested and proven all-terrain vehicles. Even with the improvements and technology, the long-wheelbase Defender has maintained its heritage with longevity being the core factor in its successful production and design.

Not only do you get to triumph over all terrains in all weathers but you also arrive at your destination in statistically one of the safest motor vehicles around.

What Options are Available?

You could be forgiven for being confused about the varied options available in the Land Rover Defender line. The majority of the 7 seater options have a 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox, and 2.5-liter diesel engines that are built for rugged longevity and performance.

The seven-seater vehicle has three different wheelbase options – these are the 90, 110, or 130. The numbers represent the inches between the front axle and the rear axle. This enables the vehicle to offer you a no-nonsense approach to getting from A to B in a more convenient and comfortable way.

Today’s model has many features and gadgets of technology that can even be found in some more luxury makes and models of cars. The electric windows, heated seats as well as heated windscreen switches are just some of the features available to make a ride in the Defender more comfortable.

In terms of space, the interior is quite cavernous thus providing more space for accommodating its maximum load of people and luggage with ease.

Land Rover Defender 7 Seats


Here you can see the comfy 6th and 7th seats in the rear of the Defender. There’s quite a bit of room between seats so legroom and space isn’t an issue.

How Practical is the Land Rover Defender?

With regards to practicality, the Land Rover Defender is outstanding, as it has the capability to deal with pretty much any situation. The vehicle can accommodate any arrangement of people as well as luggage.

The Defender has quite rugged and agricultural roots, however, today’s model is much more refined. It still has the feeling of a powerful no-nonsense four-wheel drive, but could easily be used as an alternative to the stereotypical family people carrier. The seating can also be reconfigured to ensure that the seating layout is suited to your needs.

The Land Rover Defender is a rugged vehicle with bags of versatility and the capability to carry 7 people in the large station wagon version.

Engine & Fuel Economy

Many individuals seem to view Defenders as thirsty vehicles; the fact is that they are not the gas guzzlers that many may think they are. With the 2.2-liter engine of the 2012 model, it is correct to state that the engine is nicely powered considering the size and weight of the Defender.

Fitted with the TDCi (Puma) engine, Land Rover has improved the performance of the vehicle to a great extent. Though it might be considered rather wasteful, the car has an economy of 20MPG for city driving and 29MPG on general roads. This gives it an average fuel consumption of 25mpg.

There’s a good review of how the Defender drives over on the Top Gear website. The engine powerfully growls, and whistles, and makes pretty much any terrain easily navigable. Having said that, for the purpose of reducing the noise the vehicle also has an acoustic engine cover, as older models were well known for being rather loud in the cabin.


With a practical, powerful engine, comfortable interior, the balanced weight, and user-friendly design, the Defender is built for performance and longevity. The Land Rover Defender 7 Seater is a rugged vehicle that is also practical and stylish. It can be used as a family car, for towing, or for farm work.

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