Land Rover is arguably one of the best 4×4 car manufacturers in the world. Their British heritage specializes in the manufacture of tough off-road vehicles that are equally at home on the road as they are on muddy trails.

Land Rover has been manufacturing high-quality vehicles for a century and a half, and one of the greatest cars ever manufactured by the company is the Land Rover Discovery, the model we will be discussing is the ‘Disco 4′.

This car has incredible power and the capacity to carry huge loads as well as seven passengers. There are three versions of the car currently available in the market. One of the best variants is the Land Rover Discovery 4×4 3.0 SDV6 255 GS 5dr.

Land Rover Discovery 4


The Land Rover Discovery 4 is a ruggedly good-looking vehicle with tons of capability, both on and off road.

The car belongs to the Land Rover Discovery family, which is one of the most popular models created by the 4×4 specialists. There have been a few models of the Discovery before the Disco 4, and the Disco 4 is a big step up from those models. In particular, it offers a much more stylish appearance, in addition to many extra added features.

The practicality of the 7-Seat Discovery

There is no doubt that this is a very strong and solid car. It is very popular as a versatile family vehicle because it has the 7-seat capacity to carry a large cargo of passengers and luggage.

Due to its sheer size and bulk, this car is a safe vehicle to travel in, and although it hasn’t been formally tested by the Euro NCAP, as an indication, the Disco 3 achieved a 4* rating, so you would hope that the Discovery 4 is of similar quality.

As a 7-seater 4×4, this car offers oodles of space even when occupied by all seven passengers. The seating space is generous and has the flexibility that is found in many more family-dedicated people carriers. You might not be able to carry loads of luggage if you’ve got all seven seats in use; however, if required, you could always add a roof rack, for example.

The car definitely offers a lot in terms of comfort. There are unique features that make it comfortable for the driver and passengers alike.

Some of the important yet generic features include the electric sunroof, electric mirrors, cruise control, heated mirrors, seat height adjustment, front and rear electric windows, climate control, steering adjustment rake, power steering as well as many other safety features.

 To further enhance the safety of the car, the manufacturers added traction control, side impact bars, Isofix, the rear parking sensor, an electronic stability program, and a curtain airbag. These are in addition to the side airbags, passenger airbags, 3-point center belts, ABS and driver’s airbags.

Classy and Modern Styling

The interior of the car is well decorated, with split seats, leather seats, Bluetooth, and of course the 7-seat capability, among other things. As previously mentioned, the car has a very comfortable seating arrangement internally, and externally the Discovery 4 does just as good a job.

The roofline as well as the body contours are designed in such a way as to increasingly mimic the luxurious Range Rover than the previous Discovery.

It has an integrated body frame as well as a monocoque system, thereby giving it a rigid body, making it more balanced and strong on the road. This vehicle’s entertainment package includes a CD, RDS CD, MP3 connection, and an MP3 CD Player.

Cost of the Discovery 4

This car is both a luxury 4×4 and a luxury family car, and consequently, it has a high price tag, ranging from around £38,000 to around £52,000. There are only three choices of model available, and these relate to the level of interior trim, with the 3.0L V6 diesel remaining the same in all of the models.

The Discovery offers a reasonable fuel economy of around 32mpg, which is quite good for a Land Rover, and also for a vehicle of this weight and engine size.

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