The market called out to car makers for a spacious vehicle, and this family car was the answer. It offers versatility in seating arrangements coupled with style, comfort, and practicality. It comes with a modern sports look, making it stand out and be recognized among its peers.

It looks smaller than would be expected for a car with such a seating capacity because it has been shortened, giving it a sleeker appearance. The bumper has been colored, and the grill has been made to appear sharper, which comes in handy in the looks segment.

The bars on the roof have chrome-accented finishes, making the whole exterior package spectacular. The new purchase price is between £19,700 and £22,700, with many second-hand bargains to be found.

Renault Grand Scenic 2013


The stylish 2013 upgraded version of the 7 seat people carrier – the Renault Grand Scenic

The Interior & Seven Seat Arrangement of the Grand Scenic

The dashboard meets the expected modern specifications, with a top-of-the-line view of the controls. The quality of materials used in the cockpit is relatively high yet functional, with the use of alloys to accentuate this. The steering wheel and the driver’s seat are conveniently adjusted for maximum comfort.

The middle row seats are easily removed, while the rear sixth and seventh seats can be folded on the floor and remain flat. The legroom is adjustable because the middle-row seats can be moved forward or backward. Large windows and, in some models, a panoramic sunroof make it easy to see what’s going on outside. This adds to the comfort of the interior. One is left with the feeling that the vehicle has been engineered completely with families in mind.

Frugal & Cost-Saving Engines

The modern version of this family vehicle has been reduced to 3 engine variants – 2 of which are petrol powered while the third is diesel run. The petrol options are the 1.4TCE which is turbocharged and the 1.6DCI which offers a horsepower of 130bhp. The diesel version has a 1.5 DCI and a horsepower of 110.

The turbocharged gasoline engine gives the smoothest ride of the three because it makes the least noise when it is not running. The 1.6DCI, however, offers the ideal torque to transport a full family load, including luggage, around the country. The diesel version is the only one of the three that can make the 40 miles per gallon mark. Whatever the engine type, the vehicle is fuel-efficient and affordable in terms of road tax. The transmission is a 6-speed manual system for any of the above engine choices.

How does the Grand Scenic Handle?

This family car stays calm even when turning sharply or when it goes over a bump. The steering response is quick and accurate, and cruising along is perfectly safe due to the automated braking system, features to assist during emergency braking, and the distribution of brake force during emergency stops. Electronic systems keep the vehicle stable, and the chassis is set up to make it easier to drive.

A series of airbags, including two for the cockpit, two for the sides, and additional airbags in the side curtains. All these safety features have helped this 7-seater car attain a rating in the EuroNCAP crash tests.

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Extras…

The Renault Grand Scenic people carrier includes a trip computer, CD player, two climate-zone air conditioning, and electronically controlled front and rear windows. Parking brakes that are electronic and an LCD display on the dashboard are some extra additions. The vehicle comes with satellite navigation, an automatic wiper and lighting, cruise control, and sensors to assist in reverse parking.

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