Fully charging a car might take as little as 30 minutes or as much as half a day. How long it takes will depend on how big your battery is and how fast your charging station is.

Factors influencing charging speed

There are five major elements that influence the charging speed of an electric vehicle:

Battery Capacity

Larger batteries take longer to charge.

Battery Status (empty vs. full)

Charging from an empty battery will take (obviously) longer than charging from a half-full battery.

Vehicle maximum charging rate

Charging speed is restricted by the vehicle’s maximum charging rate; therefore, charging will not be any faster even if you use a charging port with a greater charging rate.

Chargepoint maximum charging rate

Charging speed is also restricted by the maximum charging rate of your chargepoint. It is not suggested to charge at a charging point with a charging rate lower than that of your car.


Charging takes longer in colder weather, especially if you use a quick charger. Also, because your automobile is less efficient at colder temperatures, you cannot significantly increase the travel distance each time you charge it.

How long it take to charge an electric car

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