Reviews of The Best Seven Seater Family Cars

If you are in the market for a new or used family car then you are no doubt confused by the sheer level of choice available. In the UK there are 48 different models available that have seating space for seven passengers, believe it or not! Our list of 7 seater cars below gives you a brief overview of the various cars available, their on-the-road price (as of 2013), their fuel economy (MPG), and a summary of the pro’s and con’s of the different vehicles.

When you look at the MPG and price figures, please do take these as rough guides. For each make and model of car we have listed, there may be up to half a dozen different variants of the same car, each with different engines. Consequently the fuel economy figures and the new purchase prices varies dependent on which variant you choose. So you have a basis for comparison we have tried to itemise the price and MPG figures for the most basic and typically most fuel efficient variants of each seven seater.

Feel free to sort the list however you like using the little up and down arrow signs – for example you could sort alphabetically by car name, by on-the-road price, or by MPG.

CarPrice (£)MPGPositivesNegatives
Mazda CX9 – 2013 UKNANAOverall a large seven seat car with plenty of space
Great styling
Large wheels result in a firmer drive
Not yet available in the UK
Toyota Prius Plus2619568.9Excellent value for money
Plenty of room for middle-row seats
Interior quality a bit lacking
Rearmost seats somewhat cramped
Ford Grand C-Max1979557Excellent, economical engines
High quality interior
Third-row of seats not very spacious
Styling a bit conservative
Mazda 52129554Lots of equipment included
Nice to drive and looks stylish
Space reasonable but not the best
More expensive than similar 7 seaters
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso1500053Great mpg with diesel option
Range of options to suit budgets
Good styling and large MPV
Hardly any negatives!
Ford Kuga Crossover2089553Good value vehicle and good MPG for size
Lots of seating room
Lacks the driving fun-factor
Automatic gearboxes not the best
Citroen Berlingo Multispace1230051Cheap seven seater
Great mpg
Low road tax
More of a van than a 7 seat car
Van-like styling
Sluggish engine performance
Mitsubishi Outlander2639950.4Extremely practical family car
Reasonable costs and reliable
Growly diesel engine
Handling a bit loose
Ford S-Max2360049Overall a very practical vehicle
Modern stylish looks
Relatively high ongoing costs
6th and 7th seats somewhat restricted
Kia Sorento2649548Plenty of space and lots of features
Permanent all-wheel drive
Interior could be more luxurious for the price
Renault Grand Scenic1973547.1A high quality and affordable seven seat car
Decent amount of equipment
Not as refined or luxurious interior as others
Seats don’t fold flat to the floor
Chevrolet Orlando1639547Great mpg for diesel model
Sensibly priced
Modern look and styling
Styling not to everyones taste
Hyundai Sante Fe2500047Great value for money for a 4×4 7 seater
Loads of space and comfortable drive
Rear seats not easy to access
Mercedes Benz E-Class3431545Huge interior seating area
Great levels of safety and equipment
Noisy engine and on the pricey side
Dodge Journey1700045Great diesel engine and low running costs
Chunky Dodge styling
Alleged poor build quality
Road noise quite loud
Kia Carens1500045Nice styling and looks
A practical 7 seater at a low price
Rearmost seats not suitable for long journeys
A compact family car
Mercedes Benz M-Class4387044.8Lots of space, very comfortable
Good performance from strong engines
Standard of interior not the best
Volkswagen Caddy1728344.8Plenty of seating space for seven
Priced low and nice to drive
Has the looks of a van
Lacking in safety equipment for a family car
Volkswagen Touran1901544.1Spacious and comfortable to drive
Decent levels of equipment
Interior not very plush
A bit of a fiddle to rearrange seats
Peugeot 308 SW1710044.1Large boot and decent levels of safety equipment
Low running costs
Quite a small seven seater
The drive could be better
Peugeot Expert Tepee1905743.5Actually has seats for 9 passengers
Sliding doors give easy access
Boxy functional van styling
Nissan Qashqai + 21789542.8Well built and nice level of refinement
Priced sensibly for a family MPV
6th and 7th seats very small
Quite high running costs
Toyota Verso1749542.8High performing economical engine
Low cost and looks modern
7 seats only for occasional use
Not the most flexible car
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer2013542.8High quality interior
Ongoing running costs are quite low
Not the roomiest rear seats
The drive and ride could be smoother
Peugeot Partner Tepee1296042.2Lots of interior seating space
Enjoyable to drive and low cost
Van-like feel to this MPV
Not many safety / security features
Citroen Dispatch Combo (6 to 9 seats)1700042Good mpg for its size
Seating easily rearranged in 2nd / 3rd rows
Boxy van feel rather than 7 seat car
Space limited for luggage when all seats in use
Peugeot 50081835040.9A highly practical and spacious 7 seater MPV
Offers good performance and style
Exterior styling a bit low-key
Basic models are quite basic
SEAT Alhambra2377039.2Vast interior cabin space
Sliding doors make for easy access
Hard to park as on the larger side of family MPVs
Volkswagen Sharan2430039.2Very practical family car with 7 seats
High quality interior
Some engines may feel lacking
Not much equipment in basic model
Fiat Doblo Family Edition1342039Great fuel efficiency
Very practical seating
Very square-looking
Alleged build quality issues
Ford Galaxy2515539Nice handling and responsive to drive
Luxury interior and very practical
Somewhat firm Ford-like ride
Mercedes Benz Viano3574538.7Solid and reliable vehicle
Comfortable to drive
Should be more comfortable for the price
Space not amazing
Chevrolet Captiva1900038Cheaper purchase price
Reasonable insurance category
4×4 / 4WD capability
Space limited when 7 seats used
Audi Q7 4wd4200038High performance
Luxurious looks
Lots of interior space
Rear bench seat
Expensive but luxury
Very high insurance category
Mercedes Benz R Class4462037.2Long wheel base gives tons of space
Excellent interior quality
Costly to purchase and run
Short wheel base model cramped
Fiat Scudo Combi (5-9 seater)2400037Great for transporting large groups
Van-like structure offers large luggage space
Very large van-size, not really a family car
Volkswagen Caravelle3460536.7A massive people carrier with plenty of space
Easy access and flexible seating
Has van-like styling
Very expensive for a family MPV
Mercedes Benz GL Class5948535.3Again massive interior space in the Merc
Superb performance and luxury
Price tag of a high-end luxury car
Not great off-road
Volvo XC90 4×43604534.4Good levels of space for a 7 seater car
High levels of safety equipment
Not the best MPG
Interior trim and cabin a touch dated
Chrysler Grand Voyager2500034Sliding doors
Comfy 7 seats with a utility table!
High CO2 emissions = high car tax
Poor mpg
BMW X5 4wd4100034Good looks
BMW engineering
Stylish interior
High car tax
3rd row seats are added extra
Nissan Pathfinder 4×43244533.2Reasonable amount of equipment included
Capable off-road
Too utilitarian and unrefined
Rearmost seats quite tight
Hyundai i800 (8 seater)2228533Eight seats and van-like style means loads of room
Comes with a five year Hyundai warranty
Typical box-like style of a van
Seating not very flexible (can’t fold middle seats)
Ssangyong Rodius1499532.1Masses of space for all seven passengers
Priced very low
Not the most aesthetic
Seriously lacking in safety equipment
Land Rover Discovery 4 4×43882532Great luxury styling and interior
Lots of room and comfortable seats
Quite expensive, not amazing MPG
Hard to park and noticeable wind noise
Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4×46519529.7Sturdy, solid and fully capable off-road
Loads of seating space
Expensive ongoing costs
The ride isn’t the best on-road
Land Rover Defender 110 SW 4×42479526A seven seat Land Rover!
Virtually nowhere is too off-road
Still a rough and ready interior
Rolls around corners, boxy styling
Mercedes Benz G Class8297025.2Amazing performance, high bhp enginesChunky, low refinement compared to Range Rover
Not priced as a ‘family car’

There’s no disputing that long trips definitely make for great family ‘together’ time, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good game of eye-spy (honest!)? To maximise your time together while cruising along on the motorway, your vehicle should employ a healthy mix of aesthetics, comfort, and fuel economy. With this idea in mind, the average-sized family will find a superb package in the 7-seat multi-purpose vehicle or SUV, these are cars designed for the express purpose of moving people from A to B on a regular basis whilst still having enough room for the kitchen sink. 7 seater cars are great options for the busy parent who has the need to transport kids to and from schools, or take the brood out on weekends to getaways near and far. With their roomy interiors there will be no love lost over jostling about who gets the best seat on those day trips to the beach or the local theme park.

BMW X5 7 Seater Car

The upsurge in the popularity of people-carriers as a mainstay in family garages has led to several manufacturers offering their own versions of the well-loved MPVs and SUVs for the UK market; car shoppers nowadays would be faced with up to 50 different 7 seat cars to choose from. These vary according to price, size, drive configuration and form factor. To help you along, you might want to take a peek at our ideas of the best 7-seater cars in the UK and certain ones (especially the SUV’s) in the US:

1. Vauxhall Zafira Tourer – The current-release Zafira encompasses a lot of pleasant upgrades from its predecessor, most notable of these is the sexy lighting configuration at the front. Its best selling point, however, comes in the form of the patent Flex7 seats that fold away easily to allow for more storage room.

2. Ford Galaxy – Size matters, especially with large families that regularly go on trips together. The Galaxy comes with a cavernous interior that complements its imposing appearance on the road. Its pleasantly stylish exterior, though, downplays this to a respectable compromise between power and beauty. Sometimes passed over for the less-expensive (albeit smaller) S-Max, the Galaxy nevertheless has its charms.

3. Mazda 5 – If you’re looking for a compact people-carrier that is also practical, look no further than the Mazda 5. Its highlights include generous headroom and legroom alike, a powerful and fuel-efficient 1.6 litre engine, classy body contours that make it easy on the eyes, and nifty middle seats that fold up to reveal an aisle space which allows entry to the room out back. The sliding doors of the Mazda 5 are really handy for accessing the rearmost row of seats in the car. This is quite a good value car that looks reasonably nice, but does have a ‘people carrier’ type of feel about it. Fuel consumption is great and it scores highly on the safety-front.

4. Peugeot 5008 – The award-winning Peugeot 5008 people carrier is fast becoming a favourite among buyers who want a few extras to go along with a roomy interior and a sporty appearance. In addition to its great safety features, the 3008′s bigger brother employs a robust, yet silent, engine to make long trips a smooth and pleasurable experience.

5. Ford S-Max – A list of the top 10 7-seaters would not be complete without one of the pioneers. Introduced in 2006, Ford had taken great strides over the years to keep its take on a fun and economical people-carrier ahead of the competition. Revisions included style upgrades and great extras, but the incredible mileage and ease of driving remained.

6. Seat Alhambra – on long trips for holidays and vacations you will appreciate the Alhambra‘s nimble handling and practical features. It’s a great option with its sliding doors, enabling it to fit into tight parking spaces; passengers in the back will be able to get on and off with ease.

7. Land Rover Discovery – If you love the challenges of driving off-road to remote yet scenic places, the best family 4X4 to carry you to those locations would be the Discovery. This Land Rover’s ruggedly handsome features, powerful 3-litre diesel engine, as well as ample passenger and luggage space, hit the spot.

8. Chevrolet Captiva – Another fine contender for the hearts of outdoors lovers everywhere. The Captiva is rather quite unique in the style department, incorporating beautiful styling reminiscent of SUVs. The masculine bonnet and grille further lends a hint of power to this diminutive, yet robust, 7-seater car.

9. Renault Grand Scenic – If your first priority is safety, you might want to take a look at the Grand Scenic, with its perfect NCAP rating of 5/5.

10. BMW X5 – The pricey 7 seat X5 has astounding form factor both in and out, and most would agree that it has a fair number of great features to make driving it a pleasure. It falls a bit flat in terms of space, though: the rear seats are a tight fit for adult-sized passengers. All in all the X5 is a car of beauty and young families might overlook the space consideration, in exchange for driving around the countryside in BMW style.

11. Nissan Pathfinder – The Nissan Pathfinder combines the practicality of a large family car with that of a four wheel drive vehicle. It’s a powerful car that will get you out of sticky situations, but it’s not necessarily the best when travelling at higher speeds.

12. Mitsubishi Outlander – The Outlander is another 4×4 car that has a lot of capabilities. It’s defined as a ‘crossover SUV’ meaning that it is in essence an SUV that has been built in a similar structural design to a regular car. It’s a modern car with lots of features and safety enhancements to make this a great family car.

13. Toyota Prius Plus – Everyone knows that the Prius is famous for its ‘hybrid‘ engine, utilising a combination of electric and regular fuel to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise harmful environmental emissions. The ‘Plus’ variation of this car features seven comfy seats and is basically a stretched version of the original Toyota Prius.

14. Chrysler Grand Voyager – This car offers plenty of space inside for all occupants, and even includes a stowable table and rotating seats for the ultimate in versatility. This truly is a family vehicle, and is ideal for comfortable long journeys. Thanks to its flexible interior it is also popular with luxury car hire / chauffeur services and can be trimmed in high quality black executive leather.

15. Infinity JX35 – The Infinity JX35 is a massive SUV available in the US that offers luxurious seating and plenty of space and power in the engine. It’s massive amount of horsepower will provide a nice engine noise, however the fuel economy suffers as a result.

16. Volvo XC90 – Volvo’s are renowned for their level of safety and practicality and the XC90 is no exception. This model has been designed with vast amounts of technological gizmos that propel this car well and truly into the 21st Century. Features such as the ‘cornering headlights, gyroscopic sensors, comprehensive air bag installation and in-built satellite navigation make this a robust family vehicle.

17. Ford Grand C-MAX – This is a good looking and great value family car from Ford with seats for seven people. As with the XC90 described above, the Grand C-MAX also has lots of technology and innovative features that ensure it is a leading model of its type. It has a starting price of around £20,000 brand new although you would definitely be able to find a used one much cheaper if required. Its EcoBoost engine performs well to deliver an average of 57MPG on the diesel variant.

18. Volkswagen Sharan – The sliding doors are especially useful for family purposes and allow you easy access in and out of the vehicle. It’s got a really large interior cabin space, however the exterior styling does seem quite people-carrier like. The car features a variety of strong VW engines and has a fold out table for the passengers in the rear – great for long journeys with kids! Read the full review here.

19. Mercedes ‘M’ Class – If it’s luxury combined with 4 wheel drive capability that you’re after then the ‘M’ class might be the vehicle for you. The latest version is the ‘third generation’ and has seven seats and a very comfortable and plush interior. Some of the innovative features included with this vehicle are it’s self-parking system and night vision system! The starting price is around £43,000 so it’s obviously not one of the cheapest.