Gasoline is the last thing you want to spill in your vehicle’s trunk. It would be a foul-smelling, revolting mass that might cause dizziness, headaches, carbon monoxide poisoning, and lung damage.

However, this can occur if your car’s trunk contains a gasoline tank for a road trip or a lawnmower.

If this happens, you should follow the steps for fixing a gas leak in a car trunk right away. The procedure includes soaking the spill, cleaning the stains with a solution, drying the trunk, and eliminating any leftover stench.

What do you need to follow clean gasoline off the car?

  • Observe safety precautions.
  • Locate the gasoline spill.
  • Soak up the Gasoline
  • Clean the Fuel Spill Using the Preferred Cleaning Agent
  • Blot Out Moisture and Stains, and Allow the Trunk to Air-Dry
  • Eliminate Lingering Odor
  • If the gas odor persists, replace the trunk’s carpet.
  • Protect the trunk’s carpet with a waterproof rubber trunk liner.

What Is Required to Remove Gasoline from Car?

Before we address your question, “How do I clean up a gas leak in my car? “, let’s first discuss the cleaning materials and equipment you’ll need.

Face Mask or Any Cloth Covering the Nose and Mouth

When cleaning up a gasoline spill in the trunk of your automobile, you would need to take precautions against the fumes. You should cover your nose and mouth with a face mask or a piece of cloth that can serve the same purpose.

Newspapers, paper towels, or rags

Prior to cleaning with a solution, the gasoline spill must be blotted up. Therefore, you will want rags, towels, or newspapers.

Spray Bottle Containing Water

A spray bottle containing water would be required for spraying water on the gasoline’s surface to resist and remove it. Also necessary if you intend to clean the trunk with baking soda.

Any Material That Absorbs Moisture, Such As Salt, Cornmeal, or Cat Litter

Salt, cornmeal, and kitty litter are absorbent substances that can assist in absorbing the gasoline spill in the trunk.

Cleaning Product

Either a professional cleaner or a DIY cleaning solution may be utilized. Listed below are many cleaning solutions and their preparation instructions:

Shampoo for carpet: Dilute the shampoo with warm water according to the manufacturer’s directions.

You will need water, baking soda, and vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar can be put on the wound directly.

Mix equal portions of vinegar and club soda with a half-measure of dishwashing liquid.

Combine a few drops of dishwashing liquid, several tablespoons of Borax, and hot water.

Nylon Bristle, Towel, and Sponge

You may use a nylon brush, a cloth, or a sponge to scrub the gasoline stains off the trunk of the vehicle.


After washing the trunk, a fan may be utilized to speed up the drying process.

Any Odor-Neutralizer, Such As Baking Soda, Coffee Grounds, or Cat Litter

Using baking soda, coffee grinds, or kitten litter helps eliminate the residual smell of gasoline.]

Vacuum cleaner

Watertight Rubber Trunk Liner

You may purchase a watertight rubber trunk liner to safeguard your trunk from potential spills.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Clean a Gasoline Spill in Your Vehicle

The cleanup of a gasoline spill demands care and persistence. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully and properly when cleaning up a gasoline spill in an automobile. You may have to do a lot of labor and endure a foul odor, but you must take care of this promptly if you want a clean and safe journey.

Observe Safety Precautions Prior to Cleaning

When dealing with spilled gas in the trunk, care must be taken to avoid its detrimental effects. The first safety measure you should take is to park your vehicle in an open place, such as a driveway or street so that you can clean it in a well-ventilated space.

You can also avoid its damaging effects by covering your nose and mouth with a face mask or any other suitable piece of fabric.

 Identify the Fuel Spill

You may locate the gasoline leak by sniffing the trunk of your vehicle. It would also be beneficial to recollect where you stored the gas tank after purchasing it. Touching the trunk for wet spots is another method for detecting gasoline; however, you should wash your hands after touching gasoline.

Soak up the Gasoline

Before cleaning the automobile trunk, you should first attempt to remove as much gasoline as possible. You can apply rags or other absorbent materials such as paper towels and newspapers to the gasoline spill.

After that, you will dispose of the leftover gasoline that went into the trunk of your automobile. First, you would lightly saturate the afflicted regions with water using a spray bottle. Because water repels oil, this will cause gasoline to loosen.

You will next put a thin coating of salt, cornmeal, or cat litter on top. Allow it to sit on the damaged regions for thirty minutes, and the gasoline will be extracted from the trunk. Then, remove everything thereafter.

Clean the Fuel Spill Using the Preferred Cleaning Agent

As previously said, there are a variety of alternatives for cleaning up a gasoline spill.

Application and usage are the same for the majority of cleaning solution alternatives, notably for carpet shampoo, vinegar/club soda/dishwashing liquid solution, and dishwashing liquid/borax/boiling water solution. Using a nylon brush, simply apply and work the solution into the afflicted regions.

However, if you intend to use the water, baking soda, and vinegar combination, you would first spritz the afflicted areas with water. Then, you would apply baking soda and vinegar to the affected areas and massage them with a cloth or sponge. This would result in a foaming response that would eliminate pervasive scents.

Blot Out Moisture and Stains, and Allow the Trunk to Air-Dry

After washing away the spots, remove any remaining moisture and stains with clean, unused cloths. Then, air-dry the trunk by leaving its door open.

If feasible, expose it to the sun’s heat or direct a fan toward it to expedite the drying process. When the trunk has completely dried, check to see whether there is any remaining gasoline. If there is, you would need to clean again.

Eliminate Lingering Odor

After cleaning the trunk of your automobile, there may be a residual stench. One solution is to sprinkle baking soda on the trunk, let it sit for a few hours to absorb the stink, and then vacuum it away. If the odor remains, repeat the treatment until it disappears.

The stink in the trunk can also be neutralized by allowing coffee grinds to settle on it. However, you would need to put them in the trunk for around one week prior to vacuuming.

Cat litter, which may erase the stench in one to two days, is one alternative that can work comparably quickly. You may then vacuum it up. Nonetheless, if the trunk is still odorous, add kitty litter once again.

Replace the trunk’s carpeting if the gas odor persists.

You wouldn’t want to be driving about in a car with a gasoline odor that may injure you or your passengers, especially if your vehicle has a separate trunk and has a rear cargo space instead.

If the stink in your car remains despite repeated washing and deodorizing, the only remaining option is to replace the trunk’s carpeting.

Protect the Carpeting in the Trunk with a Waterproof Rubber Trunk Liner

In addition, if your trunk is prone to spills, it might be prudent to preserve its carpets with a watertight rubber trunk liner. It would make future cleanup considerably easier.

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A gasoline spill on the trunk of the automobile not only creates stains but also a foul and hazardous odor. You wouldn’t want to inhale too much of it for an extended period of time. When your car’s trunk becomes dirty with gasoline, you must promptly and carefully follow the measures for cleaning it.

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