Your navigation and audio system’s screen is most likely a “Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display” (TFT LCD), which is remarkably similar to the screen of a laptop computer. It works with new micro-technology and has a coating that reduces glare and keeps the image bright and colorful almost all of the time.

How to clean your car’s touch screen properly?

Turn off the screen

Make sure your car’s screen is switched off; you don’t want to mess with any pixels that are still firing. Because you’re working with a dark surface, turning off the screen will also help you see dirt, dust, and filth better.

Use microfiber cloth

Locate your microfiber cloth. These soft, dry towels are similar to those used to clean your smartphone, glasses, or tablet. Because they are non-abrasive, they are ideal for automobile LCD panels. When dried, a high-quality microfiber cloth will effectively remove most screen grime and dust.

Wipe in a circular motion

With the microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen from top to bottom in a circle. If you press too hard, your LCD screen may be damaged. Using the microfiber cloth, remove any leftover smudgy oils.
If your gadget has a lot of dirt or other difficult buildups, you’ll probably need to use something other than a dry towel to clean it.

Use a screen cleansing solution

Spray a little quantity of ammonia and alcohol-free screen cleaning solution on your microfiber. Ordinary window and kitchen cleaners should never be used since the alcohol or ammonia in the cleaner can harm the screen.

clean car navigation system

Don’t let the moisture go into ports

Extra tips: Avoid getting moisture in any dashboard ports, and don’t leave the cleaning solution on the multimedia or satellite navigation screen for too long.

Using an alcohol-based cleaning on your smartphone can harm the protective layer on the majority of automobile screens.

Wiping or cleaning your touch screen with paper towels or facial tissues might harm the surface. The only safe method to clean your touch screen is using a microfiber cloth.

Unlike paper towels, our delicate microfiber cloths clean your touch screen’s sensitive glass without harming the surface. Other products merely scatter undesired oils and dust everywhere, whereas microfiber attracts and eliminates them.


You should avoid using paper towels or old cotton rags since they will harm your screen. Both of these materials are quite abrasive, and neither will be especially effective in removing debris from the screen’s surface. If you use one of these, your display will still be dirty, and you risk scratching or leaving lint particles behind.

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