When you travel often, air pollutants and debris are bound to become stuck in your car windows. Not only are they unattractive, but they are also visually obstructing. Cleaning vehicle windows is a simple chore that can be accomplished with something you most likely already have in your home: vinegar.

Vinegar is effective in removing filth and debris from automobile windows. In a word, mixing the solution, spraying the solution on the windows, and wiping the glass with vertical strokes before moving to horizontal strokes is how to clean vehicle windows with vinegar. Continue reading for more information.

Material required to clean car windows with vinegar

Window washing is a simple operation that takes only a few supplies. See the list of required things below:


Vinegar is not a common household item. It can clean a variety of surfaces, including automobile windows. It may remove grime and grease while also disinfecting surfaces.


Water is required to clean automobile windows when combined with vinegar.

Spray bottle

A spray bottle would be required to apply the solution to the windows.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are great for the job because they are very absorbent and can hold dirt and dust on their surface. You will need several of them since you will constantly need to use a clean, dry towel.

Newspapers would be required to shield the dashboard from cleaning solution leaks. You might also use microfiber cloths.

Step by Step guide to clean car windows with vinegar

Cleaning vehicle windows with vinegar is as simple as making a basic vinegar and water cleaning solution, spraying it on the windows, and wiping them down.

However, you must clean the windows when it is not too hot, in the shade, or in the garage, in order to swiftly wipe away the solution before it dries. This is done to avoid streaks on the automobile windows.

You should also avoid cleaning the windows in circular motions because this can result in streaks on the windshield.

You should also wash your automobile before washing the windows to avoid dirt, debris, and grime from other components of your vehicle getting on the glass.

Now that we’ve covered the items you should remember before cleaning your windows, let’s move on to the processes for cleaning the exteriors and interiors of your windows.

clean car window with vinegar

Cleaning the Windows’ Exterior

Create the Solution

The first step in washing a vehicle’s windshield with vinegar is to gather your materials: a cup of distilled vinegar and a cup of water. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the ingredients. Then, shake the spray container vigorously to thoroughly combine the chemicals.

Raise the Windshield Wipers

It would be best to begin with the exterior of the windshield. However, before you begin cleaning, you should remove the windshield wipers to completely clean the entire windshield without their getting in the way.

Spray and clean one side of the windshield.

Begin by working on the outside of one side of the windshield. Spray it with the solution two or three times. Try to apply the solution to as large an area as possible.

Begin cleaning the windshield with the microfiber cloth in the upper middle and work your way down. As you get closer to the edge, keep cleaning in this manner, wiping in straight vertical strokes. When wiping, make sure to use vertical strokes from the top and work your way down until you reach the edge of the windshield.

Put more pressure on the wipe where dirt, debris, and grime are sticking to get rid of them. When the microfiber cloth becomes too dirty or moist, flip it over to the other side. As required, replace it with another clean, dry microfiber towel.

After cleaning the first half of the windshield in vertical strokes, you’d wipe it in horizontal strokes. Start from the upper center again, but this time wipe toward the edge rather than the bottom of the windshield.

Begin Working on the Other Side

Repeat the spraying and wiping on the opposite side of the windshield outside as directed. When you begin working on the opposite side, make sure to use a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Continue Working on Other Windows

Work on the exteriors of the remaining windows one by one. Spray the solution on the glass, then wipe it vertically and horizontally, just as you would on the windshield. Remember to turn the microfiber cloth over as needed or use a new microfiber cloth as needed.

Shine the car Chrome

Cleaning the Windows’ Interiors

Use newspaper or microfiber cloths to protect the dashboard.

After washing the exteriors of the windows, begin cleaning the inside, beginning with the windshield. As a precaution, cover the dashboard with microfiber towels or newspapers to protect it from vinegar and water solution drops. Otherwise, the cleaning solution of vinegar and water may drop and harm it.

Using a cloth, spray the solution on one side of the windshield.

When cleaning the interior of the windshield, unlike when washing the windows with vinegar on the outside, you must spray the solution on the microfiber cloth. This method would be more efficient since all of the fluid sprayed would be ingested and applied to the windshield.

Spraying the solution directly on the inside of the windshield would be inefficient, double the cleaning time, and might harm your car’s interior: only some of the cleaner sprayed will go on the glass, while the remainder will end up in other regions of the car.

Furthermore, one windshield interior cleaning technique is to clean from the passenger seat. The steering wheel would not get in the way of cleaning in this manner.

However, the wiping technique used in windshield inside cleaning is comparable to that used in windshield exterior cleaning. Starting from the upper center and wiping in vertical strokes until you reach the edge, you would work on one side first. After finishing wiping in vertical strokes, turn to horizontal strokes, starting from the upper center and working your way across.

Finish the Other Side

Clean the opposite side of the windshield interior in the same way you cleaned the first.

Work on Other Windows

After you’ve completed one windshield inside, you can go to the other window interiors. As with the first, spritz the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the windows with vertical strokes first, then horizontal strokes.


The procedure for cleaning automobile windows with vinegar is straightforward. So you have no excuse not to clean your car’s windows. Car windows must be cleaned for appearance and, more importantly, safety.

Now that you know how to clean vehicle windows, get your cleaning supplies and get to work. But, before you go, you may give this post a like or remark, or share it to spread some auto care information.

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